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Why join NP Dodge? 

If you were to ask any of the more than 100 agents who have joined NP Dodge in just the last two years, you would hear a common theme describing the reasons why they chose NP Dodge to be their business partners.   

Business Coaching, Advanced Productivity Tools, Superior Training and Inspiring Environment.  

NP Dodge has thrived with our ability to help our agents realize their goals.  Although trends, both professional and social, change over the years, NP Dodge is known for being the leader in the cutting edge of what agents need “now” and what “separates” our agents from others.     

Our commitment to you is to provide you with the very best of leadership, productivity tools, training, management, and support.  This, coupled with your dedicated efforts and desire to succeed, will ensure that you produce more transactions with NP Dodge as your partner than anywhere else.  

You will have our full support!  The difference between a job and a career isn’t just luck.  You need to have the drive, as well as the resources, to get the job done.  No one else can do it for you, but if you have the initiative, we’ll make it possible for you to go as far as you want!  That’s how you become a successful Agent!  

At NP Dodge, you will always have the resources to help you make the “best” conscious decisions.  From our initial training to ongoing coaching, NP Dodge is committed to making all the “parts” stronger!  

Together everyone achieves more.  NP Dodge is always ready to help you do your job, to the maximum of your ability.  If you are a seasoned real estate agent and feel you deserve a greater personal return on your hard work, you’ve come to the right place. 

At NP Dodge, you will find a true team spirit combined with vast personal earning potential.   We focus on learning and growing! 

One way NP Dodge partners with its agents is by offering the ultimate key to career success: Education!  Our respected training programs reflect our commitment to real estate sales education, career, and income growth.

Our programs have a focus on personal productivity, sales skills, and career development.  Is there any better way to build your business and your earnings? This is our culture.  Are you ready to take the opportunity?


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We understand that your interest in exploring a career with NP Dodge Real Estate should remain private and confidential. After submitting your information, you will be contacted by our Recruiting Associate who will answer any questions and coordinate a priority interview with you.

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Success Stories

Providing the all-around best and most meaningful real estate experience to my clients is the driving force behind what I do.

Every day, I know I am backed by an industry-leading organization with the same goal. NP Dodge empowers me to be innovative and set new standards.

They have shown me there is no limit to my success and I pass that same philosophy on to my clients by showing them there is no limit to how memorable their entire real estate experience should be!

Kim Bills
NP Dodge Real Estate

I took the exam and got my license, intending to sell real estate part-time while focusing on my other career. Soon after, I was laid off and forced to make a decision between pursuing a new full-time career or going into real estate full-time.

I chose real estate and have never regretted the decision. NP Dodge provided structure, tools and training which helped me succeed. This support has helped me to create a thriving real estate business, at the same time allowing for more flexibility and family time than a 9-5 office job!

Mike Story
NP Dodge Real Estate